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Personal Tax

Individual Tax Services
At Prosperity Charted Accountants, our accountants are specialised in a wide range of industries and we know from our long time experience that different clients have different needs. We design our financial accounting and tax services to match your specific needs. We aim to minimise your tax expense and maximise your tax return by proving clear, practical taxation advice.

Individual tax returns

Choose Prosperity Charted Accountants to prepare your tax return this year and you will get:

• The peace of mind in knowing that your individual tax return was lodged by CA qualified tax agent company over 15 (?) years’ experience in taxation and accounting

• Your return reviewed twice prior to lodgement to ensure it is correct, aiming for your best possible refund and ensuring a compliant, trouble-free return.

• High quality customer service-we can explain everything in detail and ensure you are aware of your obligations and rights as a tax payer.

Late or multiple year tax returns

It is not uncommon for taxpayers to miss a tax deadline, perhaps even end up several years behind. If you are late with a tax return, you may start ti worry about ATO late fees, so you put if off more and more. Now you can stop this cycle-painlessly. Prosperity Charted Accountants can help you bring your taxes back up to date. We can check your status with the ATO and help you complete any outstanding or late tax returns you may have, in some cases, no return is even needed and we will properly notify the ATO if that is the case.

We will also work with you to ensure we maximise your tax refund. If you have a tax debt or late fees we can help minimise these costs for you, ensuring you are in the best financial situation possible.

Amendments to prior year tax returns

Did you forget to include something in your tax returns, or did you not get the refund you were expecting? Or have you make some mistakes in lodging prior year’s tax returns? Don’t worry, The Australian Taxation office (ATO) recognises that there are times when you make mistakes. Life is busy and it is easy to make a simple mistake in your tax return. At Prosperity Charted Accountants, nothing is too complicated. Whether or not we prepared your tax return, we can assist you with an amendment.