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Prosperity Chartered Accountants offers highly specialised, customised, reliable and high quality service for individuals, non individuals and covering all business structures. Prosperity Chartered Accountants provides an opportunity for a business to reduce the cost and develop the core concentration areas by high level practical and experienced professionals undertaking all accounting and taxation duties of your business.

Our existing clients know Prosperity Chartered Accountants prides itself on being professional and maintaining confidentiality at all times Prosperity Chartered Accountants maintains a financial balance, charging competitive pricing for its services and delivering a high value service to our clients

We're diligent in fulfiling our promises. You can enjoy a reliable, trustworthy expertise with us.

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Rental property investments

Owners of rental property need good tax advice. There are many taxes that apply during the course of property ownership. The good and service tax and Capital Gains Tax are merely just two examples. However there are benefits to owning rental property that can give you many tax advantages. One of the major benefits is a rental property depreciation schedule. Aside from the rental property depreciation schedule, there are also other tax deductions associated with owning rental property. For example, expenses incurred acquiring tenants, legal and accounting expenses, third party commissions paid to acquire tenants and depreciation of items inside the property. If you own rental property, you will need to pay income tax for rental income. Calculating your tax should include all of the necessary deductions for depreciation and other allowances. Minimizing your taxes is the goal that you should strive for. Capital gains tax is another issue to consider when selling rental properties. You will be required to pay tax on the differences of the price at which you bought the property and the price at which it sold. Furthermore, rental property taxes can include multiple gains or losses that need to be added and subtracted to form a net gain or loss.

If you own rental property, it is important to know about some of the other complimentary accounting services offered by Prosperity Charted Accountants. As a complete accounting firm, we can help you establish and realise a larger picture of wealth management.
Trust tax returns: Decisions made now affect you later. If you plan early, you can benefit much greater when it comes to establishing a family trust. Tax implications can be lessened. For example, one of the common ways to benefit from a family trust is to establish it early enough to shift tax burdens onto family members in a lower tax bracket. This means the total family trust tax is reduced. While the other family member may incur more tax on paper, the burden from the Australian government is lessened when viewed from an entire “family perspective.”

Benefits Prosperity Charted Accountants

• We provide Expert advice that is tailored to the client’s unique personal and business circumstances. Structured systems and year round contact ensure timely, sophisticated and forward looking advice

• Our highly trained and experienced professionals will endeavour to meet all your taxation needs leaving you more time to get on with the more important things in life

• We charge fixed fee. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and ask us a question – we're not charging you by the hour! We'll agree an annual fee, usually to be paid monthly, with you at our initial meeting and that fee will hold true. There will be no unexpectedly high annual invoice, and no unexpected charges. We work on the same principle as most small to medium sized businesses – if the work doesn't change, and then neither will the price.

• We are in the business of caring for you, your family and business from generation to generation with honesty and integrity. We achieve this through a reliable team of approachable, well educated, caring professionals, dedicated to providing a high level of customer service.